40ce Between Boyfriends: Author Interview With Addison Westlake, "Christmas in Wine Country"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Author Interview With Addison Westlake, "Christmas in Wine Country"

Addison Westlake stops by the blog today for an interview. Addison is the author of , a newly released romantic comedy that is hightailing its way up the best-seller lists. It is currently holding strong at #5 on the Single Women chart, which is under Women's Fiction. It is also #8 in Humor under Literature & Fiction. Great job, Addison!

Q. Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?

My first recollection of declaring what I wanted to be when I grew up was in 6th grade. In our elementary school yearbook I said I wanted to be a hamster veterinarian.

Q. What is the name of your latest book? Can you summarize it in fewer than 75 words?

“Christmas in Wine Country”. It’s a romantic comedy set in Northern California. Lila hightails it up the coast after The Worst Christmas Party Ever (job loss, boyfriend loss, You Tube video of her doing drunk karaoke). She begins a year of unwinding, self-discovery and annoying run-ins with arrogant Jake Endicott of Endicott Vineyards, #7 on the Bay Area Hottest Bachelor List. Happily, even the biggest misunderstandings can be worked out at a Christmas party featuring Frank Sinatra and mistletoe.

Q. What inspired your book?

A trip to Mendocino in January a few years ago. It’s so misty and dramatic with the surf crashing over the rocks. I fell in love with the setting and thought, what a perfect place to fall in love!

Q. Do you have another job in addition to writing?

In the past I’ve worked in education; right now I’m a stay at home mom with my three children.

Q. What can fans expect from you in the future?

My next romantic comedy is "Facebook Genie", a 3-part series. Clara, the main character, is a 35-year-old woman having a "this wasn't what I wanted my life to turn out like" crisis and spending too much time coming home from her bureaucratic job (so much for saving the world), drinking wine and obsessing about her college boyfriend on Facebook. Genie, who works at Facebook, shows up to volunteer at Clara's job and installs a new app on her iPhone that they're beta testing. The next morning, Clara wakes up back in college with an opportunity to change what she considers her biggest mistake! I'm having so, so much fun writing it.

Q. Do you have a writing group or beta readers to read your work before publication?

My husband—who doesn’t even like chick lit. Want to be a beta reader for my next book? Email me at addisonwestlake@gmail.com.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do besides writing?

Time with my family.

Q. Who are your favorite authors?

Jane Austen! David Sedaris, Kristan Higgins, Tina Fey, Sophie Kinsella.

Q. If authors went out together on tours like bands, who would you want to open for?

David Sedaris. I’m sure his fans are way too cool and ironic for my books, but I’d love the chance to meet him back stage and completely annoy him with my fawning.

Q. How much of yourself or loved ones is in your characters?

I’m sure there’s a lot, but no character is 100% based on anyone walking around in real life. I think we’ve all had moments in our life like Lila, where we feel like everything is falling apart—but then new and sometimes wonderful developments emerge.

Q. What advice do you have for someone just starting out, staring a blank page, and with no idea how to begin writing?

Write what you enjoy! Have fun with it and don’t worry about whether it’s good enough, just write!

Addison's 3 Favorite Quotes from Christmas in Wine Country 

1. “OMG U R on youtube!!!”
Context - The main character Lila finds out that her drunken Karaoke performance of "Hungry Like the Wolf" has gone up on the Internet.
2. "Just released yet destined to become a classic 'Nie Sprechen,' translation: 'Never Speak,' a heartwarming German tale about a deaf/mute boy in love with a blind girl who both die alone."
Context - Nie Sprechen is one of the books Lila's coworker, Godfrey, features in his "February National Love-is-Bad-for-your-Health Month" blog.
3. "Turning to Lila, he grasped her arm, looked directly into her eyes and urged her, 'Notice the seashells, Lila.'"
Context - This is from Big Bob, Mr. Capitalist, after he has his New Age awakening and transformation.

Visit Addison's and to connect with the author. Addison will be stopping by again soon with a guest post about her success and tips for you all on how she got there.

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