Monday, December 10, 2012

Self-Publishing: The Best Way to Party Crash

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Thinking about self-publishing? DO IT! Three weeks ago I was going to wash the kitchen floor while my husband took the kids to the gym with him (god bless childcare at the gym). Instead, I put my book up on Amazon. Now 10,000 people have a copy, thanks to a Kindle 2-day free promo and some positive reviews from readers!

I’m thrilled and surprised and exhilarated and want to invite everyone else to the party, too. Because self-publishing is the ultimate way to party crash. The Best Sellers Bash has been—up until now—a totally velvet-rope affair with a guest list (maintained by literary agents) and a bouncer (compliments of publishing houses). They’ve done a great job for a long while of keeping the guest list elite and exclusive in a “know-someone-who-knows-someone” kind of a way.

But then along came Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindles, themselves, not to mention all the other ereaders and iPads and tablets and woah, what do we have here? My little “Christmas in Wine Country”, a 99 cent self-published happy romantic comedy written at my kitchen table, is on the Best Seller list! It’s currently #7 in Amazon’s Best Selling Chick Lit category—officially women’s fiction/single women—and #10 in Best Selling Humorous Fiction.

What I picture is something like this:

My book, Christmas in Wine Country, is dressed in something sparkly off the markdown rack in the back room, formerly off-limits VIP Best Sellers party. She can’t really walk in her ridiculously high heels but she has the hugest smile on her face. “WASSUP!” she’s yelling over the loud music to Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic and Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed. And, let me tell you, some of the books on the list are not too thrilled that she’s there. David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, in particular, has one eyebrow up and is asking, with great skepticism, “How, exactly, did you get in here again?” But my book doesn’t even notice because she’s too busy having the time of her life. There she is now over by the bar with some other best-selling self-published authors all doing shots!

So, stop washing the kitchen floor and put your book up on Kindle Direct Publishing. Get a jpg cover up on that puppy, do the Kindle free promo days, put it up on , let your mom and her friends and your own awesome girlfriends know about it. And come join in the fun! It’s the holiday season, after all. In the words of Parks and Rec’s fabulous Donna and Tom, “Treat Yo Self!”

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