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Blog: Jess Resides Here

What first inspired me to write my debut novel Between Boyfriends was my frustration with friends who constantly ditched me for some guy. Sometimes this meant canceling plans at the last minute when their boyfriends called and sometimes this meant that when we would go out, I would find myself alone almost immediately. So when I sat down to write the novel, I decided my character was going to be one of “those girls” and my task became figuring out why girls like her were so desperate for male attention, even at the expensive of their friendships, their education and their sanity (as well as mine). I started to wonder, why did these women make such poor relationship choices?

Blog: Strand's Simply Tips

Sophie Kinsella, Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, Kitty Pilgrim, and Jojo Moyes are just some of the big names in women's fiction who made the transition from journalism to writing novels. Although in many ways these two writing disciplines are completely different (journalists do not make stuff up, unless they write for a tabloid), a background in journalism does help aspiring novelists in many ways.

Blog: Chicklit Club

How much research or personal experience do you need to make a story believable? Where does imagination fit in? I wrestled with this balance when I set out to write my debut novel, Between Boyfriends. The book is set in San Diego and I have lived there most of my life, so writing scenes and telling the story from the perspective of a 20-something in San Diego was relatively easy. I know the good beaches, the good clubs and the good bars (though not that well, I assure you). 

Add to Your Income through Ghost Writing

by Karen Cole
One way to supplement a freelance writing income is to become a ghost writer or book editor. They are in high demand nowadays, so high that a lot of people are having trouble finding a ghost writer when they actually need one.

Self-Publishing: The Best Way to Party Crash

by Addison Westlake
Thinking about self-publishing? DO IT! Three weeks ago I was going to wash the kitchen floor while my husband took the kids to the gym with him (god bless childcare at the gym). Instead, I put my book up on Amazon. Now 10,000 people have a copy, thanks to a Kindle 2-day free promo and some positive reviews from readers! Read more

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Me an five outher cancer paients read it today while taking chemo,The prologue was hard to get thru as was the 1st couple of chapters.Jan was a bitch,an im surprised mike really didnt have a MI,then keep going i beg you cause the book was hilaraious between boyfriends kept me an my friends occupied to the point we forgot we was doing chemo an we really enjoyed the book.Please buy it you will totally enjoy it an laugh as jan takes you through a lesson learned of loving even leaving our copy to outher chemo paients an know they will truly love it.